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Environmental Educator Certification - Level I

Requirements- Knowledge

Certification Home - Application - Level I - Level II - Level III - Level IV

After the application is accepted, a candidate is required to pass six multiple choice quizzes to demonstrate knowledge of key areas. The online quizzes consist of 30 multiple choice questions selected randomly from a test bank of 80 to 139 questions. To pass a candidate must have a score of 26 out of 30 correct. The quizzes themselves are free to take, and can be taken multiple times until they are passed.

Once the certification coordinator receives documentation of a passing score and required fees, a notice that the quiz was completed will be posted on her or his certification web page and recorded in the electronic and paper files.

Applicants may study all the questions in advance by clicking on the study the questions link.

When you have a score on a quiz you are satisfied with, click the download link on the lower right, save the document and send a copy to Jan Weaver at Then go here to pay for registering the quiz. download link image


Required Quizzes



The Living Environment

Study the Questions

Take the Quiz




Earth as a Physical System

Study the Questions

Take the Quiz




Humans and their Societies

Study the Questions

Take the Quiz




Environment and Society

Study the Questions

Take the Quiz




Fundamentals of Environmental Education

Study the Questions

Take the Quiz




Missouri Natural and Cultural History

Study the Questions

Take the Quiz

NAAEE Requirements Met

See Guidelines for the Preparation and Professional Development of Environmental Educators for all the requirements.