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MEEA helps educators inspire Missourians to care about, understand and act for their environment.

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MEEA 2018 Spring Fundraiser

Three Different Contests!

No Time for a Contest? Just Donate.

Color a Picture

Eastern Blue Bird

Take A Quiz

Human Health

(there are 10)

Collect Donors

Persuade folks to donate at least $5 to the fundraiser



Our Spring Fundraiser starts April 11 and goes for ten days. We will have three ways to participate: a Coloring Contest; a Quiz Contest; and a Most Donor Participants Contest.

Adults over 18 will pay fees to participate in the coloring and quiz contest, anyone under 18 can participate in either for free.

Look for more information in your email! If you are not on our list, join as a Free Basic Member at

Just Donate. Donate Online! Send a Check! You can send it to P.O. Box 13, Columbia MO 65205.

Coloring Contest


  1. Deadlines. The contest runs from April 11 to April 20. All submissions are due April 20 by 10 pm.
  2. Choose one, two, three or four coloring sheets to color. Coloring sheets are selected from the Missouri Wildlife Ecology Investigation Sheets (MO WEIS) collection.
  3. These materials may be used for coloring - any standard art materials (crayons, water color, pastels, torn paper, etc.), any standard sewing materials (sequins, ribbon, thread, fabric, purchased feathers, etc.) plant parts or dyes, minerals (soil, tiny pebbles, fossils, etc.)., mollusc shells or any combination of the above. No animal parts or substances except those listed above may be used (no found or harvested feathers, bones, fur, etc.). If in doubt, contact
  4. Choose an art category in which to submit (you may submit in both, so up to 8 submissions are allowed)
    1. Most Realistic - Color in the main figure so it is as realistic as possible
    2. Most Fantastic - Add colors, textures, and/or appendages to make the figure as fantastic as you can, with one condition, you must explain how your changes are adaptive.
  5. Choose an age category in which to submit
    1. Under 18 - all submissions are free
    2. Over 18 - $10 for each individual submission, $30 for four, or $50 for eight. Donate fees here
  6. Submission. After you have finished coloring your sheet(s), take a photo of your work and email it to Be sure the lighting across your sheet is even (no shadows) and that the edges of the photographed area line up with the edges of your sheet. Include your name. Images will be posted at Spring 2018 Coloring Contest.
  7. Winners. Winners will be determined by voting on our website. On April 22, all submissions will be available for voting on at Spring 2018 Coloring Contest. (Only one set of votes from each email will be permitted). The top three submissions in each of the four categories will be the winners. Winners will be announced May 1.
  8. Prizes. Recognition! The twelve winning submissions will be featured in the May 2018 MEEA newsletter and at the top of our homepage.

Coloring Sheets

Download an uncolored-in coloring sheet by clicking on the image. For the most realistic category, you may want to find images of the species to copy.


Sulfur Shelf


Flowering Dogwood


Northern Crayfish


Eastern Bluebird

Quiz Contest


  1. The contest runs from April 11 to April 20. The quizzes will open at 10:00 am on Wednesday April 11 and close at 10:00 pm on April 20.
  2. Each quiz covers a different environmental topic and consists of 10 multiple choice questions selected randomly from a store of 30 to 50 questions written at the High School/Undergraduate level. The maximum number of points on each quiz is 10.
  3. Additional points. Individuals may earn additional points by finding and reporting errors in the question data base.
    1. One point for mis-coded answers - the correct answer is listed but not coded as correct by the program
    2. Two points for incorrect answers - there is no correct answer, or more than one answer could be considered correct.
    3. To receive these additional points, participants must email with "Error" in the subject line, and describe the type of error they found. They must also include their contest name.
  4. Contestants must use the same name for all quizzes taken, but they do not need to be legal names. If you are on a team, put the team name first.
  5. Contestants can take the quiz as many times as they like, but must submit the latest score as their final score. (Scores can be checked!)
  6. Categories. Choose an age category in which to submit.
    1. Under 18 - all submissions are free
    2. individual quizzes $5
    3. up to 10 quizzes $40
    4. team quizzes (up to 4 people each taking 10 quizzes) $100 submission.
    5. Donate fees here.
  7. Submission. Final scores for each day should be submitted to by 10 pm on April 20. They may be submitted daily, but all must be submitted by April 20. The email should include your contest name, the quiz name and your score. Team scores should be sent to the team leader for submission.
  8. Winners. Scores will be posted at the Spring 2018 Quiz Contest leaderboard within 2 days of receipt. Where scores are the same, names will be posted in alphabetical order of first name listed. On April 22, all final scores will be posted. Winners will be officially announced on May 1.
  9. Prizes. Recognition! The top three individual and team scores will be featured in the May 2018 MEEA Newsletter and at the top of our homepage.


1. Solid Waste

Solid Waste

2. Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Biodiversity and Habitat Loss
Critical Resources
Technology Tools Skills


Most Donor Participants Contest

  1. The contest runs from April 11 to April 20.
  2. Donations. Contestants are encouraged to invite other individuals to donate at MEEA Spring Fundraiser Donations. Only one donation per person will be counted, regardless of the size of the donation. Download a sheet of MEEA Donor Slips to hand out to folks who say yes.
  3. Winners. The three contestants who persuade the most people to donate at least $5 to this fundraiser, regardless of the total amount donated, will be deemed the winners. Winners will be announced May 1.
  4. Prizes. Recognition! The top three individual and team scores will be featured in the May 2018 MEEA Newsletter and at the top of our homepage.