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MEEA helps educators inspire Missourians to care about, understand and act for their environment.

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About MEEA

MEEA's Current Network (Mostly) as of June 2019

Organizational History

The Missouri Environmental Education Association (MEEA) was formed (after considerable advance planning) at the 1996 conference of Missouri Outdoors Educators as a grass roots follow up to the 1994 Governor's Task Force on Environmental Literacy.  Its vision was to develop an environmentally responsible citizenry in Missouri. 

Since 1997, MEEA has organized 20 annual conferences and workshops, published a quarterly and then monthly newsletter, and recognized outstanding environmental educators.

In 2004, as part of an EPA Region 7 grant, it attended a 4-State Board Retreat to identify organizational goals and strengthen leadership. Over the next six years, it was able to step away from state support and survive on its own fundraising efforts, hire part time staff, and identify new initiatives. In 2011, these results crystallized in the creation of a State Environmental Literacy Plan, an effort also supported by an EPA grant.

After 2011 MEEA undertook specific initiatives to fulfill goals in the plan. In 2013 it started a mini-grants program that has awarded over $7,000 to 26 schools and organizations for projects on school gardens to life jackets to raptor cams. In the same year, with an EPA grant, it created a comprehensive on-line environmental quiz resource, with over 1200 questions covering four grade bands (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) and ten topics (solid waste, water pollution, air pollution, biodiversity and habitat loss, human health, critical resources, energy, technology-tools-skills, climate change and matter). In the last three months, people have taken over 1500 quizzes.

Also in 2013, and also with an EPA grant, MEEA started the Missouri Environmental Literacy Advisory Board (MELAB), a group of about 40 organizations, institutions, and state and federal agencies that meet twice a year to collaborate state-wide EE initiatives. In the last four years they have helped review state Environmental Literacy Standards and quiz questions related to the standards. Current projects include creating a Youth Leadership and Career Development plan for Missouri, recognizing stewardship efforts around the state, especially in rural areas, and expanding the Missouri Green Schools program to a year-round initiative.

In 2015 MEEA worked with Missouri River Relief (MRR) to secure an EPA grant to develop Missouri River education initiatives from Yankton to St. Louis. The grant enabled MRR to award funds to projects along the river, hold a River Rendezvous where other river groups could share their stories, launch a teacher workshop (ongoing) and revitalize a summer Missouri River Academy for youth (also ongoing).

In 2016, MEEA completed the revision of its Environmental Educator Certification program, aligning it with NAAEE Guidelines on preparation of environmental educators, putting it on-line, leveling the requirements, and developing a business plan to support its long term success.  The program is now accessible throughout Missouri, participants can proceed at their own pace, and they can complete as many levels as they feel they need.

Also in 2016, MEEA collaborated with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to start Missouri Green Schools, a program whose successful participants could be nominated for a USED’s Green Ribbon Schools Award. This led to three Missouri schools receiving Green Ribbon Awards in 2017.

This past December, MEEA presented at the Missouri Foundation for Health Conference in order to strengthen the resource base for the second pillar of the Green Ribbon Schools program, Health.  

In February of 2018, MEEA presented at Interface, the Missouri Math and Science Conference, for the fourth year in a row.