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Environmental Educator Certification

The MEEA Environmental Educator Certification program is a way for an educator to ensure that she or he has the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to be an effective voice for the environment.

----Please Note: Certification is only available to
Professional (Paid Membership) MEEA Members. You can check out membership here. However, anyone is welcome to use these resources to enhance their knowledge and skills for free. Membership and fees are only required if you wish to be formally certified by MEEA. ---


The Missouri EE Certification Program is aligned with the North American Association for EE Guidelines for the Preparation and Professional Development of Environmental Educators for all the requirements. Check for alignment for each level on that level's page.

Program Contact Person: Jan Weaver



Levels should be completed in order. However, it will be useful to review materials for all levels and, where appropriate, begin work on components that might be in higher levels but which are time consuming.

Application - Planning for Professional Growth Level I - Knowledge Level II - Understanding Level III -
Skills and Dispositions
Level IV - Mentoring
A self-assessment of the degree core competencies in EE are met, and a plan for future professional development goals, including how pursuing Certification will help those goals. Six quizzes that test knowledge of living systems, physical systems, human societies, environmental issues, the fundamentals of EE and Missouri natural and cultural history.

Two multi-part written projects that show understanding of how the field of environmental education developed and evolved, and of how to evaluate environmental education resources and lessons, and 30 hours of approved workshops Two multi-part written projects and 4 badges that show skill with and disposition for environmental teaching and addressing an environmental issue Help candidates prepare projects and help evaluate other candidate's projects


Each applicant will have an on-line profile set up on a page that documents their achievements. This will be in addition to paper and electronic records. While this page will not be pass-word protected, only the applicant will have the web address of their page. See an example here


Certification Program Fees

Fees are due when materials are accepted for review. No documentation will be posted until fees are received. (payment)

Total Fees $100

A Note About Fees: Fees are intended to ensure that the program is self-sustaining over the long term. The amounts charged reflect the value of the time provided by the certification coordinator and experienced volunteers plus costs of reproduction of materials and mailing when required.

Note also, that fees are only required upon submission of materials for a particular level. The use of any of our materials and resources for self evaluation and improvement is free. We only charge for documenting professional development.


Certification Renewal

The MEEA Certification must be renewed every 4 years. Renewal fees are $15. Candidates must complete a self-evaluation and set goals for professional personal growth, and then complete at least 3 activities in at least two levels that will help them meet those goals. All other fees (for self-evaluation, quizzes, projects, porfolio reviews) are waived.

Activities (each bullet point is a different activity)

Level I

Level II

Level III

Lifetime Certification

Individuals who renew 3 times after their initial certification become Lifetime Certified.