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MEEA helps educators inspire Missourians to care about, understand and act for their environment.

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"I wanted to know the name of every stone and flower and insect and bird and beast. I wanted to know where it got its color, where it got its life - but there was no one to tell me."

George Washington Carver

Every Missouri Educator, whether in a classroom or in the field, reaches dozens to hundreds of students every day. A donation to MEEA helps us provide lessons, grants, professional development, opportunities to network and learn from other educators, and collaboration to leverage the resources of many groups to provide targeted environmental education.

Your generous donation ensures that any educator in Missouri will be prepared to tell every student that longs to learn the "name of every stone and flower and insect and bird and beast", as well as how we depend on them and how to conserve them.


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MEEA is a 501 (c) (3) organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You can review our most recent annual budget and our 990EZ documents here.

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Your Funds Support ....

MEEA is a professional membership organization for people who do environmental education and people who care about environmental education. Members include pre-school and classroom teachers, agency professionals, staff from non-profits that do environmental work and businesses with environmental products and services. MEEA hasmembers in every region of the state.

MEEA publishes a monthly newsletter with seasonally appropriate environmental themes, grant deadlines, professional development opportunities, events, education resources that tie into the theme, EE jobs, and - most months - a specially produced MEEA EE resource.

MEEA awards six $250 competitive grants to its members every year. Projects range from bird cams in urban areas to life vests for river programs to seeds and tools for school garden programs.

MEEA organizes an annual conference for educators to present and learn about innovative environmental education lessons, programs and techniques. The conference rotates around the state from St. Louis, to Springfield to Kansas City to Columbia.

MEEA developed and makes available a set of Environmental Literacy Assessments for educators to use to plan lessons, assess learning or just for fun. There are 1200+ questions over ten topics at four grade bands. The questions can be downloaded as spreadsheets for studying, documents for creating your own quiz, accessed as online quizzes or printed out as Earth Quest, a game of environmental knowledge for all ages.

MEEA organizes a twice a year meeting for the Missouri Environmental Literacy Advisory Board, or MELAB. MELAB is a group of groups that tackles state-level environmental education projects. Its upcoming projects include creating a Missouri Green Schools program, marking out a pathway to environmental careers for students, and supporting the spread of gateway stewardship activities.

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Why give to MEEA?

"MEEA is a phenomenal resource for educators, providing a fantastic foundation for present needs and a powerful thrust to prepare for future demands. However, MEEA’s best quality is the community of educators—both formal and informal—who circulate ideas and methods in a fabulous network. I always receive a strong dose of inspiration when I participate in a MEEA event."

Jeff Barrow, Executive Director - MIssouri River Relief

"I chose to support MEEA because I have a passion for teaching kids about nature, the outdoors, and how they can responsibly impact preserving and sustaining this planet. I believe MEEA supports teachers by providing links to workshops, conferences, grants, professional resources, and networking. I also love the wonderful monthly coloring sheets that are a part of the newsletter. "

Melanie Sandfort, Volunteer Naturalist - Parkway Outdoor School

"I choose to give to MEEA because it is important to me that environmental education issues be discussed amongst a broad spectrum of professionals, from the private and public sectors, to inform and inspire exceptional environmental educational content throughout our society."

Carol Davit, Executive Director - Missouri Prairie Foundation/Grow Native

"I choose to give to MEEA because I want to be up-to-date on environmental issues concerning Missouri’s natural resources. I also choose to give to MEEA because it provides great networking opportunities with others interested in the environment."

Karen Armstrong, Education Consultant - Missouri Department of Conservation

"Nature is vital to our health and well-being. I give to MEEA because it is the voice that keeps that message resonating throughout Missouri."

Mary Patterson, St. Louis Department of Health

"I choose to donate to MEEA because MEEA is a very important organization for me. Through MEEA I've become a certified Environmental Educator, which is a great asset in my EE pursuits.  "

Mary McCarthy, Special Education Para-Professional - Springfield Schools

"I choose to give to MEEA because without a healthy environment and a sustainable way of life, we will never reach our highest potential. I believe that MEEA is an important resource for educating ourselves on the best way to achieve that healthy and sustainable lifestyle."

Alex Dzurick, Graduate Student - University of Illinois

"I choose to give to MEEA because they are working on ways to help inspire our young people to both understand and connect with nature. We are part of nature and if our future leaders and citizens understand this on a personal level, they are more likely to cherish and protect our natural resources."

Ronna Haxbey, Regional Projects Director - Ozarks Water Watch

"I choose to give to MEEA because I really believe in environmental education.   MEEA is one way to reach out to teachers and offer encouragement and resources that are needed for teachers to easily incorporate both environmental education and teaching outdoors with what they are required to teach.  And if we want a population in the future that cares for the environment, we need to connect youth with nature now, and educate them about how natural systems work and how to be supportive of them."

Lea Langdon, Educator - Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture

"I choose to give to MEEA because they offer a wealth of educational resources to non-traditional educators like Missouri River Relief." 

Melanie Cheney, Missouri River Relief

"I choose to give to MEEA because there is no other organization that is helping educators inspire Missourians to care about, understand and act for their environment the way that MEEA does through there grants, conferences and valuable website."

Kristen Schulte, Education Coordinator - Missouri River Relief

"MEEA connects a variety of government, non-profit, and institutional professionals across the state who educate and engage students and communities in creating sustainable solutions.  It provides me tools for increasing real-world problem solving skills, knowledge of science, and civic involvement.  I chose to give to MEEA because it makes me a more effective educator and quite simply, makes my job engaging our community easier. "

Jaimie Paige, Stormwater Management Coordinator -City of Wentzville

"I choose to give to MEEA because the generation of children in elementary schools right now will be adults who will be enormously challenged by a changing environment.  MEEA supports teachers who understand the importance of using the environment as the integrating concept at levels and disciplines of the educational process."

Joe Pitts, Director - James River Basin Partnership

"MEEA supports real science:  that with objective supporting data.  MEEA also supports those who teach science whether in a classroom, a garden, or in my case- on the banks of the Mississippi.  It is important and that is why I choose to support MEEA."

Joan Twillman, Volunteer - Mississippi River Water Trail

“I choose to give to MEEA because teachers on ecology and the environment need our moral support, and a monetary gift is a simple, but significant way to show that moral support. Teaching young people about science, about the environment and about the need to care for our natural heritage is not only a challenge, but it can be a bit controversial in these acrimonious times. So, it’s not an imposition – it’s a welcome opportunity – to show support and solidarity for committed environmental educators.”

Don Corrigan, Professor of Journalism - Webster University

"I chose to donate to MEEA because it's focus ties directly in to the work we are doing here with the Southern Boone Learning Garden - educating students and our community about the environment, helping to foster awareness and passion for wise use and protection of our natural resources and the environment on which we all depend. MEEA is the only organization I'm aware of in the state with such a strong emphasis on increasing and improving environmental education within our public schools. I hope we can encourage more of our teachers and families here in Southern Boone County to take notice, participate in MEEA, & utilize some of the many wonderful resources you provide!"

Jennifer Grabner, Executive Director, Co-founder, Southern Boone Learning Garden




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