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Legend of Tomorrow!

Legends of the past like Muir, Carver, Leopold, and Carson still guide and inspire us to make the world a better place. Ever wonder who inspired them?

John Muir had teachers Ezra and Jeanne Carr, George Washington Carver had Etta Budd, Aldo Leopold had Gifford Pinchot, and Rachel Carson had Mary Skinker.

There is a teacher out there right now who is guiding and inspiring tomorrow’s legendary environmentalists. You can be a part of that tomorrow by helping a teacher today.

Legends of Tomorrow! #GivingTuesday

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Learn more about Legends of the Past and their Teachers


This video celebrates some of the teachers that helped John Muir, George Washington Carver, Aldo Leopold and Rachel Carson find their groove. These folks had many more teachers than the five mentioned in this video, including family members, school teachers, other college professors, colleagues, and even their own students. But people don't often think about teachers when they think of icons like Muir, Carver, Leopold and Carson, and we wanted to change that.

Video Notes

Video Notes

Yosemite Trees and cabin with Yosemite Falls in the background - Carleton Watkins - Library of Congress
Ezra Carr Ezra Carr - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Archives


Jeanne Carr Jeanne Carr - Sierra Club Vault
John Muir John Muir - Sierra Club Vault
Negro Tenant Farmer and Family hoeing cotton

Negro tenant farmer and his family hoeing cotton - Dorothea Lange -
Library of Congress

Jessup Wagon Jessup Wagon (also spelled Jesup) - Encyclopedia of Alabamba, courtesy of Tuskeegee University
Etta Budd's Art Class Etta Budd's art class, with George Washington Carver - GWC National Monument
George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver doing field research - Tuskegee University Archives Museum


Wolf in Yellowstone Wolf - Doug Smith - Yellowstone National Park
Aldo Leopold at Yale The Yale School of Forestry Class of 1909 - Yale School of Forestry - Leopold is in the front row in the light-colored suit
Aldo Leopold Aldo Leopold - Aldo Leopold Foundation Photo Archive
Spraying DDT Mosquito Control, Jones Beach State Park, Long Island 1945 - Bettman/Corbis, in Audubon May-June 2012
Skinker and Rachel Carson Mary Scott Skinker with Rachel Carson -
Rachel Carson Rachel Carson on the dock at Woods Hole Biological Laboratory - Chatham College Carson Collection