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Principles | Nature | Society | Environments and Resources

Environmental Problems | Solutions | Actions

Each topics page has sections for 8 different kinds of resources: lessons, curriculum, books, games, videos, movies, stewardship and links.

Lessons within a page are listed by grade band

The site is under construction, so some pages have few or no resources at this time. Contact Jan Weaver if you would like to contribute a lesson or other resource or come across a bad link

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Running a River



1. Environmental Principles

Dependence, Limits, Systems, the Commons, Equity, Collaboration, Sustainability, Precaution


2. Systems and Processes of Nature

Earth & Space Sciences
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Earth's Place in the Universe
Force and Motion
Earth and Human Activity
Biological Evolution


3. Systems and Processes of Society  



4. Environments and Resources

The major kinds of environments and critical resources, the roles they play and how they may interact

Critical Resources


5. Environmental Problems

The causes of environmental problems and the kinds of harms they cause

Species Introductions
Impacts on Health, Economies, and Societies
Resource Depletion


6. Solutions

Recognizing, Investigating and Finding Solutions to Environmental Problems

Investigations and Solutions


    7. Acting on Environmental Problems

    Taking Responsibility, Perception, Seeking Knowledge and Experiences, Self Efficacy, Taking Action