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Header Picture Captions: Left to Right: Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial S.P. Nature Detectives, Summer 2010; Academie Lafayette, Kansas City, Stream Class; Sustain Mizzou Green Team recycling at an MU home football game, Columbia. If you have pictures of your students learning aout or working in the environment (with permissions) send them to weaverjc@missouri.edu and we will post them.

Missouri Environmental Education News September 2014

Gateway Greening City Seeds Harvest

Featured Photo: Gateway Greening City Seeds Harvested over 9,000 lbs of produce this year.Gateway Greening educates and empowers people to strengthen their communities through gardening and urban agriculture. They have over 200 gardens in the St. Louis area.

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MEEA Environmental Literacy Quizzes

Take one or more of these on-line environmental literacy quizzes and help us improve them! All four quizzes consist of 30 or more questions on waste, but each one is aimed at a different grade band. Help us answer these questions:

  1. Assuming the students have covered these topics in school (a different issue) is the vocabulary, sentence complexity and topic appropriate for each grade?
  2. Are there any errors in the questions or the answers, either factual or grammatical?

To take a quiz, click on its link. You will be sent to a sign- in page which will ask for your name. There will be a little image of a gear down and to the right of the sign-in which will let you choose how many questions to answer if you don't want to answer all of them. Then just start the quiz. At the end you will get your score and see the correct answers. Quizzes can be repeated, but questions and answers are shuffled with each quiz.

Please share any thoughts, comments, or corrections you have with me at weaverjc@missouri.edu.

Environmental LIteracy Topic: Waste

Early Elementary
(Grades K-2)

Upper Elementary
(Grades 3-5)
Middle School
(Grades 6-8)
High School
(Grades 9-12)
This quiz covers basic concepts of waste, recycling and categories of materials. It is for students who can read at a 1st or 2nd grade level. Special vocabulary words are: aluminum, composting, decompose, garbage, glass, gold, landfill, litter, materials, metal, opaque, organic, paper, plastic, recycling, reducing, reusing, steel, Styrofoam, symbol, tin, transparent, waste.

This quiz covers recycling systems, plastic recycling and the benefits of recycling.




This quiz covers landfills, electronic waste, illegal dumping, clandestine drug labs and design solutions.




This quiz covers radioactive and hazardous waste.










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