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Header Picture Captions: Left to Right: Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial S.P. Nature Detectives, Summer 2010; Academie Lafayette, Kansas City, Stream Class; Sustain Mizzou Green Team recycling at an MU home football game, Columbia. If you have pictures of your students learning aout or working in the environment (with permissions) send them to weaverjc@missouri.edu and we will post them.

Missouri Environmental Education News March 2015

Teachers at Interface B

Teachers at MO DESE's Annual Interface Conference estimate impervious surface area. As part of "Engineering a Greener School" a MEEA-sponsored presentation at Interface, elementary teachers tried out "Where is the Wildlife?" and "Where does the Energy Go?" as starting points for gathering data about a school and coming up with ways to engineer changes that would make it greener. Middle school and high school teachers used "Where Does the Water Go?" and "Too Much of a Good Thing?" (about carbon dioixde) as starting points for older grades. Download a copy of these lessons.

MIssouri Outdoor Summit

March 19-20 Runge Conservation Nature Center, Jefferson City

Studies show that spending time outdoors enhances mental and physical health, outdoor education increases student learning, and stewardship activities help connect people to the natural world around us. This Summit is for people interested in thinking strategically about how to increase outdoor opportunities in their communities, and in helping connect residents – children and adults – to those opportunities; including health professionals, parks and recreation departments, education professionals, youth group organizers, volunteers, and more. Learn more and register at http://confedmo.org/missouri-outdoor-summit/

Congratulations to the Missouri Winners of the 2014-2015 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest

Warrenton High School, Festus Middle School (advanced to Nationals)l, Warrensburg Middle School, Hazelwood Central High School (Florissant), Ridgewood Middle School (Arnold)

Environmental and Nature Art Contests

There are several state, national and international art contests througout the year. See a list of contests and deadlines below. Vist MEEA's grants and awards page for details. Search by deadline

Grants, Awards and Contests (due date in parentheses)

  • Grants and Awards for schools, teachers and students: ; Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators (3/13); Kohl's Cares Scholarship Program (3/13); MO DNR NO MO Trash Award (3/13); Shaw Institute for Field Studies (3/27); Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art Project (3/31); American Chemical Society H.S. Chemistry Classroom Grant (4/1); Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Training (4/1); Barron Prize (4/15); Stockholm Junior Water Prize (4/15); Unsung Heros (4/30); State Farm Service Leaning Awards (5/2)

  • Other Grants and Awards: Mantis Tiller Award (3/6); EPA Environmental Education Local Grants (3/6); American Water Environmental Grant Program (3/13); Land and Water Conservation Fund (3/31): Feed Your Mind, Film Your Planet (4/20)

EE Resources

  • a Pizza Box Solar Oven, a Lemon Battery, a 5 minute animated Guide to the Energy of the Earth (awesome!), an Energy Activity Book and an Energy Coloring Book, Energy Maps and Graphics from DoE, and just to round the month out with som non-energy stuff - EcoTech Projects from Captain Planet and a Mammal March Madness Tournament

Professional Development Workshops

  • Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Workshops in Arnold, Columbia, Joplin, Kirksville, Lee's Summit, Sikeston, Springfield, Warrensburg, Waynesville, and Wildwood. Conservation Department Workshops in Mingo Swamp and Springfield. Project Workshops in St. Louis and Warrensburg. Plus workshops on native landscaping, wastewater and a teacher appreciation day at the KC zoo

Calendars of Outdoor, Nature, Environment and Sustainability Organizations

EE Jobs

  • KC Discovery Center Assistant Manager, MDC Forestry Outreach and Communications, St. Louis Zoo Interpreter, Litzinger Road Ecology Center Horticulture Intern, Powell Gardens Hearthland Harvest Garden Seasonal Worker
News (from February 2015)


MEEA Environmental Literacy Quizzes


Take one or more of these on-line environmental literacy quizzes and help us improve them! All four quizzes consist of questions randomly selected from a 30+ question bank for each grade level. For early elementary there are 5 questions per quiz, for the older grades there are 10 questions per quiz.

Help us answer these questions:

  1. Assuming the students have covered these topics in school, is the vocabulary, sentence complexity and topic appropriate for each grade? Keep in mind, kids can master long words and simple concepts if they are taught to them.
  2. Are there any errors in the questions or the answers, either factual or grammatical?

To take a quiz, click on its link. You will be sent to a sign- in page which will ask for your name. Then just start the quiz. At the end you will get your score and see the correct answers. Quizzes can be repeated, but questions and answers are shuffled with each quiz.

Please share any thoughts, comments, or corrections you have with me at weaverjc@missouri.edu.

Link to On-line Quiz Quiz Description

Early Elementary

Early Elementary Energy

These quiz questions cover jobs related to energy, energy inside a house, motion of wind and water, which kinds of energy are free and which cos moneyt, what makes things move or go, and where things like solar panels and windmills should be placed

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

battery, bulb, cents, coal, electric, electrical, electrician, energy, fluorescent, gallon, gasoline, granite, helium gas, HVAC, incandescent, laughing gas, limestone, lineman, mechanic, motion, motor, natural gas, power plant, refrigerator, sailboat,, smoke, solar panel, steam, technician, valley, water wheel, windmill

Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary Energy

These quiz questions cover jobs related to energy, energy conversions, energy resources, figuring out energy use, heating and cooling a house and thermostats

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

air conditioner, air pollution, boiler (as in a furnace), carbon dioxide, chemical energy, coal, computer, convert, corn stalks, electricity, energy, entertainment, ethanol, fan, fluid motion, fuel oil, furnace, gasoline, hydrogen, kilowatt-hour (kWh), landfill, gases, light  energy, motor, natural gas, oil, oxygen, plutonium, rotary motion, solar cell, thermostat, turbine, uranium, video game, Watt


Middle School

Middle School Energy Quiz


These quiz questions cover jobs related to energy, energy units, how electricity is generated, thermal energy transfer, fluid and rotary motion, oil refining, and forms of energy

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

abiogenic oil, algae, aluminum siding, barrels, biomass, blades (as in a wind mill), boiler (as in a furnace), Btu, calories, charcoal, coal, coil of wire, cord (as in a cord of wood), cubic feet, efficiency losses, electrical, electricity grid, energy audit, engine, fiber glass insulation batt, fluid motion, food mile, fractions (as in fractions of oil), gallons, gasoline, geoscientist, human time scales, hydroelectric, impurities, insulation, jet fuel, joules, kilograms, kilowatt-hour, kinetic, energy, liters, magnet, magnetism, mesh (as in openings in a sieve), natural gas, oil, plankton, potential energy, power dispatcher, power plants, prehistoric, R-value, refinery, renewable, reservoir, rotary motion, rotate, sediment, sieve, solar cell, Styrofoam, thermal energy transfer, turbine

High School

High School Energy

These quiz questions cover jobs related to energy, laws of motion and thermodynamics, energy polcy acts, subsidies, power grids, energy distribution, efficiency, turbines and Yucca Mountain

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act, 1st law of motion, 1st law of thermodynamics, 2005 Energy Policy Act, 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, 2nd law of thermodynamics, 3rd law of motion, barrel (as in a unit of crude oil), battery, biomass, boilermaker, centralized power generation, chemical gradient, coal, coil builder, crude oil, Department of Energy, distributed power generation, e=mc2, efficiency (as in energy conversion rate), energy conversion, Energy Information Agency, Environmental Protection Agency, externality (in economics), f-ma, fa=-fb, flowing current, hydroelectric, International Atomic Energy Agency, kerosene, materials scientist, natural gas, nuclear power, photovoltaic solar panel, refined oil, roustabout, subsidy or subsidies, turbine, Yucca Mountain (as in nuclear waste repository








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