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Header Picture Captions: Left to Right: Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial S.P. Nature Detectives, Summer 2010; Academie Lafayette, Kansas City, Stream Class; Sustain Mizzou Green Team recycling at an MU home football game, Columbia. If you have pictures of your students learning aout or working in the environment (with permissions) send them to weaverjc@missouri.edu and we will post them.

Missouri Environmental Education News April 2015

Missouri Outdoor Summit

Missouri Outdoor Summit at Runge Nature Center. The summit's goal was to bring together folks interested in getting Missourians outside for the health, education and stewardship benefits. To illustrate the value of outdoors, four presenters hosted outdoor experiences for participants.

Environmental and Nature Art Contests

There are several state, national and international art contests througout the year. See a list of contests and deadlines below. Vist MEEA's grants and awards page for details. Search by deadline

Grants, Awards and Contests (due date in parentheses)

  • Grants and Awards for schools, teachers and students: Barron Prize (4/15); Stockholm Junior Water Prize (4/15); Carton to Garden (4/22); Unsung Heros (4/30); State Farm Service Leaning Awards (5/2)

  • Other Grants and Awards: Feed Your Mind, Film Your Planet (4/20); SWANA Unsung Heroes (4/30)

EE Resources

  • Designing classrooms to improve student performance (natural light, clean air, links to nature all rank highly); Per Capita Land Use by County; Smokey Bear Kids; BLM "Landscaped for Kids" including a 24 page activity book on wilderness; The March In, a lesson on Valley Forge that combines history with campsite selection; National Park Service Teacher Resources - type in the subject, grade level or a key word and find a wealth of lessons based on national parks; Nanotechnology and Biotechnology lessons that provide the basics, explore the applications and consider the costs and the benefits of these new technologies

Professional Development Workshops

  • April Workshops - Water Quality Monitoring in Kirksville, KC, Waynesville and Sikeston, , Discover Nature Schools: Nature Unfolds in Columbia, Native Woodland Gardening in St. Louis, Flying WILD and PLT in Springfield, more workshops here

Calendars of Outdoor, Nature, Environment and Sustainability Organizations

EE Jobs

  • Youth Garden Instructor, Interpretation Attendant, Invertebrate Keeper, Children's Zoo Keeper, Education Facilitator, Sustainability Program Coordinator
News (from March 2015)


MEEA Environmental Literacy Quizzes

Tech, Tools, Skills

Take one or more of these on-line environmental literacy quizzes and help us improve them! All four quizzes consist of questions randomly selected from a 30+ question bank for each grade level. For early elementary there are 5 questions per quiz, for the older grades there are 10 questions per quiz.

Help us answer these questions:

  1. Assuming the students have covered these topics in school, is the vocabulary, sentence complexity and topic appropriate for each grade? Keep in mind, kids can master long words and simple concepts if they are taught to them.
  2. Are there any errors in the questions or the answers, either factual or grammatical?

To take a quiz, click on its link. You will be sent to a sign- in page which will ask for your name. Then just start the quiz. At the end you will get your score and see the correct answers. Quizzes can be repeated, but questions and answers are shuffled with each quiz.

Please share any thoughts, comments, or corrections you have with me at weaverjc@missouri.edu.

Link to On-line Quiz Quiz Description

Early Elementary

K-2 Technology, Tools, Skills image

These quiz materials cover cooking, sewing, gardening and a little about carpentry including careers

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

broom, bucket, carpenter, cook, cutting board, dust pan, garden rake, gardener, hammer, hoe, knife, leaf rake, magnet, magnetic compass, needle, ruler, screw driver, seamstress, shovel, scissors, tailor, thread, trowel


Upper Elementary

3-5 Technology, Tools, Skills image

These quiz materials cover tools, skills, materials and documents used in gardening, building, cooking and discovering and some related careers

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

acid, Allen wrench, baking soda, base (as in acid-base), binoculars, brick tongs, companion planting, compass (for drawing a circle), composting, diagram, dictionary, electrician, fish tape, flashlight, flat-tip screwdriver, groover, housekeeper, ingredients, janitor, magnet, map, mason, microscope, mulching, nectar, Philips screwdriver, pipe wrench, plumber, powdered sugar, protractor, raised beds (as in gardening), recipe, solder, tamper, telescope, trowel, vinegar, volt meter, wire stripper


Middle School

6-8 Technology, Tools, Skills image


These quiz materials cover tools, skills and materials used in being outdoors, machines and electricity

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

accelerometer, amplify, apparatus, applied force, battery, Biltmore stick, buckthorn, building codes, carbon to nitrogen ratio, chains (as in the measuring tool), chemicals, chemist, circuit, civil engineer, compass (as in magnetic compass), compost, compound machine, computer, conductivity, conductor, declination, device, electrical, electrons, ember, feedstock, forester, fuel cell, fuelwood, gear, inclined plane, insulator, integrated circuit, joist, kindling, latitude, load force, machine, mechanical engineer, nanomaterials, outlet (electrical), photo diode, poison ivy, oak, sumac, , pulley, ranging rod, sawgrass, semiconductor, simple machine, sowing guide (when to plant), stinging nettle, strain gauges, surface water, surfactant, technology, theodolite, tinder, transistor, wedge, wheel and axle

High School

9-12 Technology, Tools, Skills image

These quiz materials cover nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy technology, mining and technological approaches like appropriate technology and capital-intensive technology, environmental applications, and the dark side of some technologies

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

abstract (as opposed to concrete), anode, appropriate technology, biotechnology, calcining, capital-intensive technology, cell growth media, centralized, cloning, concentrated solar power, concrete (as opposed to abstract), conducting electrons, culture dish, decentralized, domestication (as in breeding), electrowinning, energy intensive, engineering, genome editing, incubator, laws (as in scientific laws), leaching, leptons, lithography, micropower, molecular self-assembly, nanoengineering, nanometers, nanotechnology, nanotubules, nuclease, ore, photovoltaics, piezoelectricity, pollution sensors, protons, reducing agent, scanning probe microscopy, science , semiconductor, smelting, surface area to volume ratio, surfactant, systematic, technology, transformation (as in genetic engineering), valence electrons, vitrifying, volt









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