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Header Picture Captions: Left to Right: Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial S.P. Nature Detectives, Summer 2010; Academie Lafayette, Kansas City, Stream Class; Sustain Mizzou Green Team recycling at an MU home football game, Columbia. If you have pictures of your students learning aout or working in the environment (with permissions) send them to weaverjc@missouri.edu and we will post them.

Missouri Environmental Education News October 2015

Missouri River Relief St.Charles Cleanup

From MIssouri River Relief's Facebook Page: This was Missouri River Relief's 10th year in St. Charles, and there was no problem finding piles of scrap metal, tires, bottles and stryofoam to clean up off of the muddy banks. A huge shout out to our amazing sponsors and partners who helped make it happen: Ameristar Casino, Missouri American Water, Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Pat Jones, Great Rivers Greenway, Aep River Operations, St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste, St. Charles, Missouri, Republic Services, Trailhead Brewing Company, Dominos Pizza, BioMérieux, Bike Stop Cafe, Greenway Network, Lewis & Clark Boathouse and Missouri Stream Teams.Results are still being compiled, but we are estimating about 8 TONS of trash was removed in just a few short hours, to include an astounding 169 tires! Thanks for helping make it happen! https://www.facebook.com/missouririverrelief

Things to Look for (or Look Out for) in October

The MEEA List of Things to Know About Eating Meat


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8 Questions About Eating Meat

Because of its protein density, meat is an efficient way to get protein for brain growth and muscle strength. Switching to meat in our evolutionary development may have been a critical factor in us becoming human. The aesthetic appeal of meat and its numerous linkages to traditions across many cultures make it integral to the quality of life for many people.

Yet animal agriculture - as currently practiced - causes air pollution, water pollution, habitat loss and soil degredation. Meat heavy diets are linked to obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and certain kinds of cancers, all contributing to earlier death rates. Meat can be costly for family budgets, in spite of subsidies that keep feed costs low and externalization of costs associated with waste disposal. Finally, for many people, eating animals poses ethical dilemmas.

This visual essay poses 8 questions related to eating meat to help individuals or groups explore their understanding of and attitudes about eating meat so they can make well-thought out decisions about meat in their diet.

8 questions about Eating Meat







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