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Missouri Environmental Education News April 2016

Honeysuckle Before After

CHIRP - Columbia Habitat Improvement and Restoration Project. Before and after pictures of Bush Honeysuckle removal from the MKT Trail in Columbia, July 2015. Since last year, CHIRP has spent 379 hours removing Bush Honeysuckle, Wintercreeper, Winged Euonymous and California Privet from the city's right of way along the trail. Check out CHIRP on Facebook.

A Stewardship Project for Earth Day - Honeysuckle Removal!
Elizabeth Petersen - MEEA Board

Quick – Look in your planner. What do you have planned for Friday, April 22, 2016? It’s Earth Day and do you know what you are doing in your classroom this day? As a teacher, it’s a great time to make plans to get your students outside and do something good for the environment.

This year consider taking your students outside to participate in a Citizen Science Project where the students truly are making a difference. One of the most invasive species in Missouri is the bush honeysuckle plant. It outcompetes the native plants and is overtaking many plants.

You can go to the Science Teachers of Missouri (STOM) website at https://scienceteachersofmissouri.wildapricot .org/Honeysuckle and find out more about the plants and the best way to remove them. You can learn what bush honeysuckle looks like, and you will be able to sign up to register how many plants you and your students removed. There are also other educational links at the bottom of this web page to support the removal of bush honeysuckle. Also on the STOM page is a certificate that you can print out for your students in recognizing their efforts to eradicate this plant.

Then share your projects with us. We would love to publish your stories and pictures on our MEEA Facebook site and in upcoming future issues.

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