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Missouri Environmental Education News July 2016

Sustain Mizzou E-Waste Drive

E-Waste Collection on the MU Campus by Sustain Mizzou

Board member Carey Scherder, an educator for 13 years, currently teaches 8th grade science in Bowling Green. She writes about immersing students in local recycling issues to connect them with environmental education.


Immersing Students in Environmental Education

With everything we use now having either a battery or a cord, we need to make sure that we dispose of this electronic waste responsibly. Hosting an electronic recycling drive is a good way to get students connected with the community and to help educate them in a hands-on way about the importance of correctly handling e-waste. They learn that e-waste has heavy metals and toxins, and that if e-waste gets into the local landfill its toxins might end up in our waterways and cause health issues within the community.

Another topic that is important for students to understand is that recycling only works if people buy products made from the recycled materials. For example, our elementary school playground needs a new surface. In researching companies I learned about the production of rubberized tiles from old tires diverted from Missouri landfills. As we prepare for this project students will learn about the process that is used to produce the tiles from the collection of the tires to the manufacturing of the tiles, all of which is done right here in Missouri.

As a teacher, I am always trying to learn new ways of implementing ideas in our classrooms to keep students engaged in their learning, and MEEA has been a great resource for that. Electronic waste and tire recycling are just a few of the things I have done to help get students actively engage in their understanding of the cause and effect relationship we have in our local environment, and to help them understand that one person cannot do it all, but together we can all do a lot.

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