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Missouri Environmental Education News August 2016


Monarch Waystations Map Monarch overwintering sites
Monarch Waystations in Missouri Monarch Waystations are places that provide resources necessary for monarchs to produce successive generations and sustain their migration. Monarch Overwintering Sites in Mexico (the green dots). The overwintering sites are recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO


Board member Joe Pitts shares a classroom lesson on Monarch Butterflies


Butterflies are Free

You may have observed that each year from late August through the first two weeks of October increased numbers of large, orange and black monarch butterflies flit from flower to flower.  During this time of year Monarch numbers increase as the result of an annual migration that has taken place each fall since the end of the last ice age.  It also is a safe bet that your students have noticed this phenomenon but do not know the large numbers of monarch butterflies are evidence of the animal behavior called migration.

Monarch numbers have suffered a steep decline that has been in the news lately.  The population decline is caused by many factors but monitoring the progress of the annual migration is one key to understanding these enigmatic creatures.

Monarch Butterfly Teaching Activity       

The early fall student activity described below was originally developed by the late Bill Thomas who taught high-school biology for many years in Springfield.  Mr. Thomas designed the activity to give students an idea of how scientists develop estimates of the population of animals or plants in an area when it is not possible to count each individual.  This activity also will give your students practice in collecting, organizing, and analyzing data.  As a bonus you can accomplish your educational objectives through an outdoor activity that is suitable for the urban or rural campus.      

Before using this activity have students do research on the monarch butterfly and provide rudimentary training on the identification of the monarch from other butterflies.  This also is an excellent opportunity to discuss migration as it relates to animal behavior.

Butterflies Are Free Lesson (download a pdf)

Chip Taylor, founder of Monarch Watch, will be speaking at the annual Association of Missouri Interpreters Meeting September 12-15

The MEEA List of Things to Know About Monarch Butterflies

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Monarch Butterfly Coloring Sheet

Monarch Coloring Sheet




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