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Missouri Environmental Education News September 2016

Discover Nature Schools

Students using Discover Nature Schools curricula to learn about the environments of living organisms. Just one example of how environmentally themed education can help meet Missouri's New Learning Standards.

MEEA Board member Linda Lacy writes about these new standards below

Environmental Education Connections within the NEW Missouri Learning Standards (download a pdf of the article here)

This past April, Missouri’s State Board of Education approved new learning expectations for K-12 students.  Classrooms throughout the state are taking the first steps to alignment. The good news is that environmental education (EE) concepts are included and students will be expected to master them!

EE connections are embedded throughout the Social Studies Strands, especially related to environmental issues, geography, and human-environment interactions. EE expectations are also found in all four Science strands: Physical, Earth and Space, Life, and Engineering, Technology, and Application of Science.  Sample EE related science core ideas and essential questions include:

These new Science expectations are based on current MO grade- and course-level expectations, as well as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These new expectations reflect the most current research in effective science instruction and how students best learn science.  Each new expectation integrates three dimensions: 1) a disciplinary core idea (content), 2) science and engineering practice, and 3) crosscutting concept. Evidence statements call for students to show mastery of each of those dimensions in order to have met the expectation. 

Professional development for educators in support of the shifts to three-dimensional curriculum, instruction, and assessment will be necessary in order to meet the new expectations.  Many EE learning experiences already reflect the integrated approach promoted by these new expectations and the vision for three-dimensional learning:  place-based; culturally-relevant; experiential; student-designed science and engineering project-based; and outdoor learning experiences.  With some tweaking, they can meet the more rigorous demands of the new standards.

Missouri districts are beginning to transition this year and are scrambling for resources. Fortunately, many national EE projects such as Projects Wet, Wild, and Learning Tree are aligning resources with the NGSS to help in this effort.  MEEA support is on the way!  

The MEEA List of Things to Know About Environmental Education Connections within the NEW Missouri Learning Standards

EE Resources Related to Environmental Education Connections within the NEW Missouri Learning Standards

Things to Look for (or Look Out for) in September

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