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Missouri Environmental Education News November 2016

2016 NAAEE

2016 North American Association for Environmental Education Meeting in Madison
MEEA Executive Director Jan Weaver joined over 1200 educators in Madison Wisconsin to share and learn about EE. Dr. Christine Li from Mizzou's School of Natural Resources shares research on training teachers to teach about climate change. Sophie Bernstein, from St. Louis is one of Alliance for a Healthier Generation Youth Advisory Board and is president of Go Healthy STL

Executive Director Jan Weaver shares some of her experiences at the annual NAAEE Conference in Madison

NAAEE Conference

I have attended the NAAEE Conference for the last five years for a chance to share what MEEA is doing with other affiliates, to learn what other educators are doing, to connect with people as excited about EE as I am, and occasionally I even discover the treasures in my own backyard.

This year I shared about MEEA's new Environmental Educator Certification and research I did with former board member Cheryl Hardy. Our certification progam, according to the consultant studying state programs, is unique, principally because it can be done online and at the candidate's own pace. Cheryl's and my research project revealed the behavior people are least likely to engage in is talking to others about environmental behavior, a finding that my audience confirmed from their own experience. Outside of work, even environmental educators are hesitant to talk about recycling or commuting by bike.

I learned lots of new stuff, some of which is summarized here in photos and short summaries of posters presented at the conference. For example, I learned 6 ways to use birds to engage folks with nature without a nature center; how important organization, training, and data collection protocols are for recruiting and retaining volunteers; that even "ECO" school educators are uncomfortable teaching outside and don't recognize the interdisciplinary nature of EE and much, much more.

And my backyard treasures? I met Dr. Li this summer, but only had a chance to learn about her research at the conference. She and her colleagues identified six strategies for developing teacher self-efficacy in climate change education 1) cultivating hope, 2) addressing confusions about CC, 3) pedagogy and content knowledge for CC (like classroom-ready activities) , 4) skill development and practice (like practicing system model development), 5) connection to standards and 6) locally relevant content (i.e. not about polar bears).

The second treasure was Sophie Bernstein, a 16 year old in Clayton who creates gardens for underserved kids in St. Louis. I hope to connect with her to find out how she got involved and what projects she plans for the future.

EE Resources from the NAAEE Conference

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