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Missouri Environmental Education News
March 2017

Missouri River Academy

Missouri River Academy
Students at the 2016 Missouri River Academy experienced fish and turtles, migratory birds, floodplain forests, historical explorers, river businesses, the river at night and local delicacies


Board Member Kristen Schulte shares information on Missouri River Relief's Missouri River Academy (8th-12th Grade Students) and Integrating the Missouri River into Your Classroom (formal and non-formal educators)

Learning from the Missouri River

The Missouri River is historically significant, ecologically diverse, and right outside your back door. Missouri River Relief, a non-profit dedicated to connect people to the river, has two ways for to connect students and educators directly with this treasure.

Missouri River Academy –July 9th-13th, New Haven, Missouri 
This 5 day, overnight camp will connect 8th-12th graders with the natural and cultural history of the Missouri River through adventure and investigation. Instructors will guide students understanding, skills and confidence to enjoy and protect the Missouri River. Learn more at

"The Academy was better than outstanding, not only did he learn about the river, he learned teamwork and looking at the environment in a whole new way. The impact on his life cannot be understated; he seems surer of himself. " River Academy Parent

Integrating the Missouri River Into Your Classroom – Sept, 14th-15th, St. Charles, Missouri 
This 2 day educator’s workshop will reveal the rivers ecosystems and the natural forces that shaped it. Instructors will demonstrate how to integrate the Missouri River in their classroom in a way that strengthens students learning. Learn more at:

“The workshop not only had innovative content but they even modeled what they were helping us unpack about our own teaching styles. The pairing of teaching content and river content was excellent and this is coming from someone with a lot of background in non-formal and formal education" -Environmental Educator

Questions? E-mail Don't miss this chance to develop authentic learning opportunities for your community.  


The MEEA List to Things to Know About the Missouri River

EE Resources for Missouri River Education

Things to Look for (or Look Out for) in March


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A River Runs Through Math and Science

River Math - river pulse, nitrogen, fish

At the recent Interface Math and Science Conference, Jan presented a session on using the Missouri River as a way to integrate math and science education. The activity summarizes three research studies, provides a simplified data set from each and suggests specific science and math standards that can be used to analyze and draw conclusions from the data.

The studies looked at 1) the effectiveness in preventing flooding in Kansas City during peak river flows, 2) the contribution of different sources of nitrogen to the formation of a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, and 3) the potential for scour basins to serve as nurseries for fish species lacking access to historically available wetland habitats.

Download a copy of the activity pdf doc




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