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Missouri Environmental Education News
May 2017

soil transect sampling

High School Student Monica Malone studies the impact of till vs. no till on soil microbes as part the the Missouri Transect climate change and plants study.

Teaching Climate Change - Best Practices

Executive Director Jan Weaver on best practices for Teaching Climate Change from the National Center for Science Education.

Make it Local. Show how climate change is impacting things in your state. In Missouri, earlier springs mean spring vegetables don't have time to develop before it gets too hot. An increase in extreme rainfall events (>3") are leading to more floods. Extreme rainfall is coupled with more droughts, and together with heat, this will affect major crops like corn, winter wheat and soybeans. Check out this climate-change-mo fact sheet from the EPA and this story from the Kansas City Star

Make it Human. Tell stories of the scientists who have made climate science discoveries, or have the scientists tell their own stories. Researchers from ten Missouri institutions will be using plant sciences, remote sensing, atmospheric and environmental science, economics and social sciences to study the potential impacts of future climate change on Missouri crops, forests and wildlands. Another studies the impacts of climate change on state parks and still another uses Citizen Science to gather soil samples from around the state. Visit Missouri Transect on Facebook

Dr. Todd Mockler at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (DDPSC) leads the Plant Sciences Team, Dr. Pat Market at MU leads the Climate Team, and Dr. Terry Woodford-Thomas at the DDPSC leads the Education and Outreach Team

Make it Pervasive. Climate science shows up in all the sciences, and also in English, math and social studies (see below for examples), so make the connections across disciplines.

Make it Hopeful. Talk about solutions as you talk about the evidence so fear about the future doesn't shut down the conversation. Use games to help students understand the tradeoffs and to explore the diversity of possible solutions to prevent and adapt to climate change and what people are already doing to address climate change.

The MEEA List to Things to Know About Climate Change in Missouri

EE Resources on Climate Change

Things to Look for (or Look Out for) in May

2017 MOGSEE Conference

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Join us November 3-4 at the Kansas City Zoo for the 2017 Green Schools and Environmental Education Conference!

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