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Missouri Environmental Education News

August 2017

2017 PARC Workshop
2017 PARC Teacher Fellows and Researchers at Washington University

Table of Contents - Main Article, August Calendar, 2017 MOGSEE Conference, MEEA News, In Other News, Grants and Awards, Conferences, Workshops, Missouri Events Calendars, Jobs

Elizabeth Petersen MEEA Board Treasurer Liz Petersen shares her work with the Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center (PARC) at Washington University

For the past couple of years, I have been lucky enough to be part of an amazing program that allows me to collaborate with some very talented colleagues to bring FREE hands on workshops to teachers. Once teachers have taken the workshops, they are able to check out the kits that go with the workshop, also for FREE.  There is even an opportunity to apply for grants to expand outreach on energy issues.

PARC stands for Photosynthetic Antennae Research Center and has been funded at Washington University in St. Louis since August 2009 by the U.S. Department of Energy as one of 46 national Energy
Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs)
. The centers are focused on laying down a scientific foundation to meet the global need for abundant, clean, and economical energy.

PARC brings together a core group of Washington University researchers along with several other select scientists from academia, private research institutes, and national laboratories to understand the basic scientific principles that govern solar energy collection by photosynthetic organisms. The goal is to use this knowledge to enhance these natural "antenna" systems and to fabricate biohybrid and bioinspired systems for light-harvesting.

This year PARC's Hot Topics Workshops for Grade 5-12 Teachers included : Nuclear Energy, Energy Transformations, Water Wednesday and Climate Change. A unique feature of the workshops was that teachers are directly connected to the work done by PARC researchers.

PARC Grants Deadlines October 15, March 1 annually. Up to $1000
The Education & Outreach Mini-Grant Program was established as part of Washington University’s Energy Frontier Research Center - PARC. This program encourages students, postdoctoral associates and educators to develop creative community outreach activities with PARC to classrooms and the public around bioenergy and the environment. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their project ideas with PARC’s Education & Outreach Coordinator prior to applying. Please contact Rachel Ruggirello  at   Applications will not be accepted without a completed budget worksheet.    Go to to apply for the grant.

Things to Look for (or Look Out for) in August

2017 MOGSEE Conference

MOGSEE 2017 Confernence Logo

Join us November 3-4 at the Kansas City Zoo for the 2017 Green Schools and Environmental Education Conference!

The deadline for interactive proposals is closed but you can still submit a table talk or poster (DEADLINE OCTOBER 15) or the EE Slam (WHILE SPACE IS AVAILABLE)



In other News


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Be sure and check out the webinars, they count for Certification too!

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