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Missouri Environmental Education News
February 2018

Table of Contents: North American Association for Environmental Education Resources, MEEA Nominations, Things to Look Out for in February, MEEA News, Grants, Contests and Awards, Conferences, Workshops, Jobs

NAAEE Affiliate Workshop Meeting

NAAEE Affilate Meeting at Asilomar
The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) Affiliate Workshop meets at Asilomar State Park, CA

by: Jan Weaver, MEEA Executive Director
(second row, just above and to the left of the woman in the turquoise shirt)

Jan at Asilomar


NAAEE is the North American equivalent of MEEA. It coordinates and supports the actions of over 40 state affiliate groups, including MEEA.

Its vision is a sustainable world where environmental and social responsibility drive individual and institutional choices. Its mission is to accelerate environmental literacy and civic engagement through the power of environmental education.

Its three strategic goals are 1) Driving Excellence by promoting best practice and excellence in EE; 2) Cultivating Collective Impact by bringing people together to promote change; and 3) Mobilizing Support by championing EE at all levels.

As part of goal 1, Driving Excellence, NAAEE has developed a diverse, comprehensive and high quality library of online resources at eePRO, its hub for EE professional development. Below is a sampling of some of the webinars offered in the Learning section of EE pro (most would count for workshops in MEEA's EE Certification program).

As part of goal 2, Cultivating Collective Impact, NAAEE sponsors an annual workshop for state affiliate groups. Normally we would have met at the fall conference in Puerto Rico, but the hurricane made that impossible. Instead they organized a 3-day workshop at Asilomar State Park January 16-19 to bring over 30 affiliates together to share ideas and make plans.

One of the sessions was a series of mini-courses on issues facing affiliates. We had 20 minutes with each of three state EE organizations that were trying ways to increase diversity and inclusion, impact state policy and be more relevant to members.

As part of 3, Mobilizing Support, NAAEE created eeWORKS, to develop communication tools, Global Initiatives and State Environmental Literacy Plans. For example, it worked with Stanford University to review 119 peer-reviewed studies published over 20 years that measured the impacts of ee for K-12 students.

Most of NAAEE's resources are available for free on their website. Take some time this week to check out eePro Learning Tools and its great resources!


MEEA Board Positions open for Nomination!

Nothing can change the past, but organizations with leadership that is visionary, committed and practical can change the future.

You can be the person who helps Missouri to a future that is smarter, healthier and greener for all.

You can join MEEA's board and take the lead!

Visit Take the Lead! to find out more about positions on MEEA's board.

We seek diverse representation from every gender, race, ethnic group, economic status and geographic region of the state. All MEEA members are eligible for the following positions:

Nominations/Applications are due February 28.



Things to Look for (or Look Out for) in February

Check out all the 2018 Green Holidays.

What to Look for Right Now - MDC's list of What's Out There in February!



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Coming Up in the Next Two Months

(These count for Environmental Educator Certification categories 1, 2 or 3. Visit the EE Certification page here)

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