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Missouri Environmental Education News
April 2018

Table of Contents: Missouri Green Ribbon Schools, Spring Fundraiser, Hot Topics!, Things to Look Out for in April, MEEA News, Grants, Contests and Awards, Conferences, Workshops, Jobs

Four Schools Recognized as US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools

by: Jan Weaver, MEEA Executive Director

Jan at Asilomar

This year Missouri Green Schools received nominations from five schools. All of them met our criteria for Missouri Green Ribbon Schools: Bellerieve Elementary School, Green Trails Elementary School, Keysor Elementary School, Raintee (private) and St. Louis University High School (private). Below we feature a distinctive practice employed by each school in each of the three pillars (sustainability, health, and learning) along with a link to their nomination packet for more details.

UPDATE May 16, 2018: MEEA is proud to share that all four schools nominated to the US Department of Education - Bellerive Elementary, Green Trails Elementary, Keysor Elementary, and St. Louis University High School have all been selected as USED Green Ribbon Schools! Check out USED's "Highlights from the 2018 Nominees" for more information.

Bellerieve Elementary School

Bellerive Elementary

Bellerive Students sample fresh produce from their water tower garden.

Bellerive is a public school in the Parkway District in St. Louis. It is a Title I school with 33% of students on an IEP and 26% receiving FRPL (free and reduced price lunch). It is a "Leader in Me" Lighthouse School, a distinction acheived by only 350 schools worldwide. "Leader in Me" teaches 21st century skills to empower students to become leaders. Bellerive Nomination

Bellerive Elementary School's Nomination Form

Green Trails Elementary

Green Trails Elementary

Students created pollination seed packets using seeds harvested from the garden.

Green Trails is a public school in the Parkway District in St. Louis. Over 17% of students have limited English proficiency, 30% have limited mobility and 11.9% are receive FRPL. Many years ago, the school started with the simple step of turning off lights after students left the building. It now uses a Whole School Sustainaiblity approach to inform all its actions. Green Trails Nomination

Green Trails Elementary School's Nomination Form

Keysor Elementary

Keysor Elementary

2nd Grade students tagging Monarch butterflies in Project IDEA's rain garden area.

Keysor is a public school in the Kirkwood District in St. Louis. It has 19% of its students in reading, writing and math intervention groups, 12.8% with an IEP and 11.5% receiving FRPL. A major milestone of their sustainability efforts was the creation of the Project IDEA (Imagination, Discovery, Exploration, Adventure) outdoor learning landscape. Keysor Nomination

Keysor Elementary School's Nomination Form

St. Louis University HS

St. Louis University High School

Student artists modify a robotics team structure into a chicken coop as an installation piece for our upcylcled art show Waste Not, Want Not: Art Reimagined for the 2018 USGBC Green Schools Quest.

SLUH is a private Jesuit all boys Catholic Preparatory High School with four in ten of its students receiving a partial to full scholarship. The school is guided and informed in its sustainability efforts by Pope Francis' 2015 encyclical on care for our common home- Laudato Si. Their progess is led by a newly formed Sustainability Board with representatives from administration, finance, maintenance, faculty and students.

St. Louis University High School's Nomination Form

Raintree PreK-K


Students plan a project.

Raintree School is a private Reggio-inspired Forest School serving two to six year olds in St. Louis. The Reggio approach holds that children are driven by their interest to understand and know more, and able to learn their place in the world through their interactions with others and with an environment filled with natural light, order and beauty. As a Forest School, Raintree’s goal is that students develop civic character, sense of place, and depth of knowledge through inquiry-based thinking and student driven projects within the context of nature. It is a school founded on the premise that civically-minded outdoor, experiential education is a vehicle for change.

Raintree PreK-K School's Nomination Form

In order to encourage states in their outreach to all schools, the US Department of Education's Green Ribbon Schools program limits recognition to one private school each year, and, to nominate more than one public school, at least one must meet state criteria for "disadvantaged" (Title 1, 40% FRPL, etc.).

Because of the the limitation on the number of private schools, we only submitted the nomination for St Louis University High School this year. Raintree will be encouraged to submit again next year.

Spring Fundraiser

Our Spring Fundraiser starts April 11 and goes for ten days. We will have three ways to participate: a Coloring Contest; a Quiz Contest; and a Most Donor Participants Contest. Adults over 18 will pay fees to participate in the coloring and quiz contests, anyone under 18 can participate for free. Final results and Winners will be recognized in our May Newsletter.

Look for more information in your email! If you are not on our email list, join as a Free Basic Member at

Hot Topics!

Last month we surveyed the membership about what topics they would like to see covered in the newsletter. The leading topics were:

  1. Water Pollution
  2. Human Health Impacts (lead poisoning, radiation exposure, cancer, pulmonary disease, affluenza, etc.)
  3. Critical Resources (shelter, water, food, energy, fiber)
  4. Resource Depletion (of fish, soil, forests, etc.)
  5. Human Population Growth
  6. Biodiversity Loss (e.g. endangered species, extinctions, etc.)

We are still looking for feedback. See the list of topics here. Let us know what you would like to know more about!

Things to Look for (or Look Out for) in April

Things are really picking up!

Check out all the 2018 Green Holidays.

What to Look for Right Now - MDC's list of What's Out There in April!


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