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Missouri Environmental Education News
August 2018

Table of Contents: Feature: Back to School Issue, Kudos!, Call for Presenters, Things to Look Out for in August, MEEA News, Grants, Contests and Awards, Conferences, Workshops, Jobs

Back to School Issue

Coloring Sheet Food Web

A food web using MEEA's Missouri species coloring sheets. Using the sheets to engage interest, teachers can cover many of the LS1: From Molecules to Organisms standards in the early grades and almost all the LS2: Ecosystem standards in all the grades. Check out these and other MEEA resources for teachers below.

by: Jan Weaver

Jan at Asilomar

Research shows that using the environment to integrate teaching across subjects can increase student engagement, reduce challenging behavior, and improve scores on standardized tests. This goes for all subjects in all grades.

Teaching about the environment is not something to add to an already full schedule, it is something that ties all the pieces together in a way that makes sense for your students. It is authentic and practical. It provides for active learning. It is accessible on multiple levels. It thrives on communication and math skills, links to at least half the science standards and provides opportunties to explore regulations, government, history, economics and geography in real world contexts.

MEEA's mission is to help you find the resources you need to pull things together using environmental education. Try one of the links below and see what EE can do for your teaching!

Lessons - Check out our lesson library covering seven environmental literacy standards. (We gather lessons so you don't have to!) The section on Systems and Processes of Nature is organized to align with Missouri's Learning Standards for Science (ecosystems, matter, energy, etc.). Along with the lessons, you can find links to curricula, books, games, videos, movies and stewardship activities.

Questions and Quizzes - Explore ten different environmentally related topics through questions and vocabulary leveled for early elementary, upper elementary, middle school and high school students. Students can test their knowledge of a topic before and after it is taught using an online quiz that randomly selects questions from a question bank for each topic.

Coloring Sheets - Featuring over 25 Missouri species, each sheet includes information on what a particular species eats and is eaten by (food webs!), what they are doing during each month of the year (life cycles!), and their range and habitat (biodiversity!). This page also hosts visual essays to stimulate discussion of challenging environmental topics like land use, meat eating and a person's environmental foot print. This is one of our most popular links!

Workshops - Every month we publish an updated list of workshops and other educational offerings throughout the state. You can find a Department of Conservation Discover Nature Workshop, a nature experience organized by the Department of Natural Resources in one of our great state parks, or programs provided by zoos, botanical gardens and professional socieities.

Grants - Every month we publish an updated list of grants for field trips, gardening, curriculum development and more. Ranging from $100s to $1000s of dollars, there is bound to be something to help you get those seeds, or magnifying glasses, or video camera to help bring your students' learning to life.


Kudos to MEEA and MELAB Members!

Did you get a promotion? Win an award? Receive a Grant? Let us know so we can share the news with your peers!



CALL for PRESENTERS! Deadline Aug 4

Missouri Green Schools and Environmental Education Conference
November 2-3, Columbia MO

Four Formats - Hands On, Bright Spots*, Table Talks and Posters

Three Strands - PreK-5 Curriculum, 6-12 Curriculum, Nuts and Bolts

*We are seeking youth as well as adult presenters for the 10 minute Bright Spots. If you work with a youth or a youth group 12 to 23 that carried out a project they identified and selected, we would love to hear about it.


Things to Look for (or Look Out for) in August

Check out all the 2018 Green Holidays.

What to Look for Right Now - MDC's list of What's Out There in August!


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Coming Up in the Next Two Months

(These count for Environmental Educator Certification categories 1, 2 or 3. Visit the EE Certification page here)

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